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I know you don’t read this anymore, but in the slight possibility you do, we’re not as different as I thought we were, and god forbid it but I need your help. I need to understand. Because where I’m going right now, I’m headed towards an asylum. The effects of anger, jealousy, pride, maybe a little regret is a deadly combination and I’m slowing running out of things to make me numb. I can’t concentrate, I’m blinded by white exasperation. I’m impulsive, I can’t stop. There’s a sinister evil driving my actions and I’ve no recollection of what is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. There’s only grey and the satisfaction of my selfish needs.

I’ve come a long way since we last met. I sincerely hope you’re doing better, because if you can pick yourself up after years of insanity, I can get out of this mess too.


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Happy 4th of july #yayforts! (Taken with Instagram)

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Faires grant wishes for those who do dishes (Taken with instagram)

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ahhhh dooooggiee! :D :D :D

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kittieeeee :D

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